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Wild Sage Horse Rescue, Inc.
Non-profit 501(c)3



Give a horse what they need and they will give you their heart in return

Our Mission

Wild Sage Horse Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit horse rescue with a mission to rescue as many at-risk horses that have been neglected, abused, starved  and forgotten, they come from owner surrender, law 
enforcement seizures and from local animal shelters.

We then bring them to the rescue and provide them with a safe and loving environment where we will start their rehabilitation with good nutrition, they get hoof care by our farrier, they get an exam by our vet and at which time they are vaccinated, microchipped and get dental care. We then work on their trust with showing them kindness and love.

After they have decompressed and are healthy enough our trainers will start with their training or retrain to start their journey to a life as a riding horse, we feel that every horse has that person out there that will love them forever.

These horses without even knowing become therapy horses helping kids and adults who have had trauma and have been broken like some of these horses have, they just seem to know when someone needs a nuzzle or a hug.



Meet our beautiful rescues

If you are interested in adopting or fostering any of our lovely rescues please fill out a adoption application or request a foster application and we will email one to you. If you want to meet any of our rescues contact us to make a appointment. Thank you so much for wanting to adopt.